Ranger Jamie Cameron


During May, 2011 the staff at Lake James State Park welcomed its newest member, Ranger Jamie Cameron. Along with his regular duties in stewardship, interpretation and education, law enforcement and operations, Jamie is the park’s lead natural resources ranger, volunteer coordinator and heads the recycling effort. Jamie grew up in the suburbs of Boston, MA with a strong interest in the natural world, thanks in large part to his birdwatching father and a mother who were tolerant of all manner of creepy-crawlies in the house.

Jamie studied zoology at Ohio Wesleyan University and, after graduating, spent the next decade as a field biologist working with birds across the country and internationally. He and his wife moved to North Carolina 12 years ago where he spent another 10 years working in community newspapers at the coast.

After moving west in 2010, he did a brief stint as an educator, teaching marine biology to high schoolers in the Atlanta area before finally landing at Lake James State Park. Since his arrival, Jamie has led dozens of nature programs highlighting the diversity of birds, butterflies and dragonflies at the lake.

When he’s not at the park, you can find Jamie pursuing a wide range of outdoor activities, including hiking, canoeing, fishing and yes, birdwatching too.