Do You know what is happening at Lake James State Park?


Have you ever found out about an event at the park, and been exicted, just to find out that event had passed? There are a couple of ways you can stay in the know about what is happening at the park each month. Each month Ranger Nora Coffey sends out an event list and the newsletter for that month. This has all sorts of information about upcoming events and changes hap- pening at the park. If you would like to receive our event list each month via email, contact Ranger Nora Coffey at

Or become a fan of the Friends of Lake James State Park group and get updates on all the exciting programs and events happening at the park.

It’s a great way to stay connected and post and see pictures of all the fun and excite- ment the park has to offer. Check out the updated pictures from other park patrons and the 2012 RiverFest held at Lake James State Park.