Friendly Faces at Lake James State Park


Chairman - Greg Norell Having moved our young family of six to Lake James just over four years ago I could have never imagined the remarkable transformation our lives would go through. This area, I thought was far too removed from the hustle and bustle of every day suburban life that was necessary to cope in the twenty first century. We, however took the opportunity at hand and made Burke County our new home.

Little did we know that these “Purple Mountains Majesty” would capture the very essence of what was necessary to forge ahead; an open mind that becomes capable of squelching that infringing background noise and allowing one to think more clearly about everything. Of course, the every day demands of life are still prevalent forces that require good planning to recognize the opportunities that pass us each day. We are indeed lucky at this moment to find the time and energy to contribute back to the fabric of our community.

I am honored to work closely with dedicated professionals and vol- unteers from both McDowell and Burke Counties who will continue to foster preservation and responsible growth for the many new exciting opportunities 2013 will bring at Lake James State Park.

I ask all of you reading this to find just one moment to free your mind of the media doom and gloom frenzy that surrounds us. Focus on what matters in your life, forge ahead, get involved, give back to your community and make your own luck. Happy New Year!

Yours Sincerely,

Greg Norell Chairman Friends of Lake James State Park