Ranger Kevin Bischof Promoted

“Our loss will be Mount Mitchell’s gain,” Lake James State Park Superintendent Nora Coffey reflected upon learning Ranger Kevin Bischof has accepted the promotion to superintendent of the highest peak east of the Mississippi River. “Kevin has been an exemplary ranger at Lake James and at the posts he’s held before this one. He’ll be an excellent superintendent and I have no doubt Mt. Mitchell State Park will flourish under his stewardship.”

Bischof came to Lake James during 2013 as an advanced ranger and has served as the park’s interpretation and education coordinator. Frequent I&E program attendees can no doubt attest to Kevin’s expertise and enthusiasm for teaching people about the park and it’s incredible wildlife and outdoor recreation opportunities. He has also been pivotal to the planning and organizing of the annual Catawba RiverFest.

In his division-wide announcement regarding Bischof’s new post, Mountain Region Superintendent Sean McElhone wrote, “I am very happy to announce that Kevin Bischof has accepted the Park Superintendent position at Mount Mitchell State park. Mount Mitchell is the most iconic park in the state; it’s unique climate and terrain make it stunningly beautiful, but also complex to manage. The winter weather makes it one of the most difficult places to work and live. It takes a very committed person to take on these challenges.”

Although his last day on duty at Lake James State Park is Nov. 18, Bischof officially became superintendent on Oct. 29. Thank you Ranger Bischof for your years of outstanding service to Lake James and best of luck in your future endeavors.

News, Park StaffMolly Sandfoss