Save the Date

  • The 15th annual Catawba RiverFest will be held Sept. 15. There’ll be something for everyone at the Paddy’s Creek Area, with dozens of interactive and information booths representing area conservation, outdoor recreation and historic organizations. Admission to RiverFest is free. For more information, check out the Friends of Lake James State Park page on Facebook, or call the park at 828-584-7728.


  • The 3rd annual Lake James Dragon Boat Festival takes place Oct. 13. Don’t miss the fantastic camaraderie and visual spectacle at the Paddy’s Creek Area of Lake James State Park. Teams from across the Southeast will gather at the swim beach to compete in this ancient Chinese tradition. It’s a wonderful day for spectators, but why not gather up 19 friends and participate yourself? If you form a team, the Healing Dragons of Lake James will take care of the rest; boats, paddles, training and someone to steer! Go to or call 813-426-3544 for more information.
Molly Sandfoss